Whether you are a broadcasting professional, business, local musician, band or an individual wishing to restore an old recording, you'll find that MonsterMix™ provides a wide range of services at affordable rates...   MonsterMix™ is a small, yet powerful, audio production facility. Combining state-of-the-art digital editing and over 15 years of broadcast experience with professional-grade analog editing tools results in a warm, crisp, professional sounding project.

  • Commercial Voice-Overs
  • Radio Station Liners and DJ Tags
  • Select video editing projects
  • DVD/CD Duplication Services - Ask for a quote.

Quick Tips

Listening to your computer audio through your home or car stereo system could not be simpler. All one needs to do is figure out how to connect the two together. There are two basic options: wired or go wireless.

The wired version is the lower-cost option but you will want to make sure your equipment is capable of this sort of connection. For example, not all car stereos have an auxiliary input. However, if your stereo has an auxiliary input it may be as simple as...